Medi spa Calgary: Difference between medical and non-medical grade skincare

Skincare has become a billion-dollar industry. The average person spends much of their money over a lifespan to attain clear and flawless skin and to combat various skin conditions, visible age lines, and wrinkles. As the industry continues to grow, with new products being developed and distributed by celebrities and beauty brands alike, it can take time to navigate and broach skin care. Such an extensive selection of beauty and skin care products will produce natural questions such as the difference between medical-grade and non-medical-grade skin care and which one is best for your skin.

Determine the difference between medical and non-medical grade skin care products and how they work to treat your skin.

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Doing research on injectionists and medi spa in Calgary


Medi spa treatments, including Botox, dermal fillers, lip injections, mesotherapy, skin boosters, and vitamin therapy, can redefine natural beauty and help you look good and youthful at any age. People choose the treatments due to benefits such as halting the aging process, contouring the lips, volumizing and sculpting the cheeks and removing wrinkles and fine lines.


However, facial aesthetic therapies and treatment involve medications and injections. Therefore, it is essential to know more about the treatment procedures and research the available injectionists to find out the safety and efficacy of the processes.


Importance of doing research on injections


The different aesthetic treatments available today require injections. For instance, lip injections contain a natural substance called hyaluronic acid that can volumize and sculpt the lips. Mesotherapy is another treatment procedure involving the injection of vitamins, hyaluronic acid, and nutrients to eliminate acne and scars and soften and replenish the skin.


Treatment for improving facial aesthetics involves hyaluronic acid and neuromodulators with known safety profiles and favourable outcomes. However, in the absence of expertise, there is a risk of complications and adverse events. You can reduce the risk and ensure that you safely undergo the procedure by researching more on a Medi spa in Calgary and the injectionist.



Preventing risks


You must choose your Medi spa in Calgary carefully as a deficit in expertise in the treatment can result in complications that may have low to moderate complications. For instance, reactions and side effects after getting a cosmetic procedure include erythema, edema, paresthesia, hematoma, and bruising; all can occur if proper caution is not practiced. While severe complications occur rarely, they can still happen if you go to an unqualified medi spa, where you can suffer from a stroke, intravascular blindness, tissue necrosis, and vascular occlusion, among others. 


An expert therapy center will have a thorough knowledge of human anatomy, and the staff will be well trained in administering the injections and following the proper techniques. An expert medi spa and the aesthetic therapy provider will also carry out detailed counselling and preparation before the procedure.

Researching Injectionists

Certifications and expertise


The doctors that may participate in facial aesthetic injection-based treatments must be registered with the respective medical council of the state and federal boards and should be a member of the regulatory boards. These medi spa clinics and their processes are also duly certified and inspected to provide quality and safe aesthetic treatment. Only skilled and qualified practitioners can provide risk-free aesthetic treatments. The research will help you find out which medi spa centers and clinics are the most suitable for the treatment.


Pain management


Pain management is an important aspect of facial aesthetic treatments and practice. Different patients and individuals will have different and varying sensitivity to pain. Their expectations and attitude toward the treatment and pain may also differ. Some patients will be more anxious about pain expectations (or actual pain) when compared to others. A leading and expert injectionist will be aware of the techniques to provide better pain management. For instance, the slow injection method and technique (having a gentle, slow, and gentle rate of extrusion) minimizes the pain onset. Clinicians and aesthetic therapy providers may also use cooling tools such as ice before administering the BoNTA injection (the Botulinum Toxin A injection to reduce acne). The therapy is effective for minimizing and reducing pain.




Understanding the specific anatomy of the patient is important for patient safety. It would help if you chose your injectionist and Medi spa in Calgary after careful research so that your center can deliver you facial aesthetic treatments risk-free after proper counselling and careful selection.



CTA: At Juvea Aesthetics, we are redefining your natural beauty. At our medispa in Calgary, we are focused and committed to highlighting your best features without compromising the integrity of your unique beauty. We believe in enhancing your natural look with premium medical aesthetics in Calgary, including Botox, dermal fillers, lip injections and belkyra. We also offer vitamin drips and therapy, mesotherapy and skincare consultations.


Botox is more than just cosmetic treatment; it can have a positive effect on your life – both physically and mentally – and your lifestyle.


Wondering how that’s possible? 


Let Juvea Aesthetics explain how Botox works and how it will renew your life in this all-important article. 


What is Botox made of? 

Botox is made with the highly purified protein clostridium botulinum, which in large amounts can be toxic. However, in the small doses that are administered through Botox, it is a safe and effective treatment. 


As for how it works, that’s simple: it blocks the nerve signals in the muscles, minimizing the impacts and effects of aging. The muscles stop “weakening”, resulting in smoother appearances and more redefined skin. In the end, you’ll feel younger, more confident and full of life. 


But that’s just a few of the benefits that come with Botox. 


botox calgary

How can Botox Restore Your Confidence? 

As a leading medi-spa in Calgary and Edmonton, we’ve witnessed firsthand the positive effects that come with Botox treatments. Too often, the label is that Botox is merely for cosmetic tampering, but we’re seen that it has powerful inner-personal effects that can change a person’s outlook and outcome. Here is how: 


Boost Self-Esteem 

No one in the ’30s wants to look like they’re in their ’40s, and the same applies to those in their 40’s not wanting to look in their 50’s. Whether it’s due to wrinkles or fine lines, or just the natural wear and tear of the skin, your confidence can sometimes take a battering when you don’t look or feel your best. You might feel less sure of yourself and who are you are supposed to be. 


Botox can provide you with the boost that restores your self-esteem and your self-worth. It smoothes away the appearance of aging, leading you to have renewed skin and a youthful appearance. Many of our patients report higher self-esteem and improved self-confidence after getting Botox from us. 


Maintain a Youthful Zest for Your Life

When you combine a younger appearance and restored confidence and self-belief, you’ll restore that youthful zest that makes life more exciting. Now that you’re filled with confidence, you’ll feel more inclined to do things, socialize, and explore new adventures. That, in turn, will make you happier with life. And it all started with Botox. 


Can Help with Medical Conditions 

Botox isn’t just for restoring your youthful glow; it can help with multiple medical conditions that can put a damper on your social life. Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), urinary incontinence or overactive bladder, migraines, muscles spasms, and TMJ pain can all have a debilitating effect on you physically and mentally while impacting your self-belief and your life. 


Treating these conditions with Botox will not only make you feel better but give you the boost to take on the world without worrying about these conditions taking over your life. You just need the right injector to help you with your treatments…


The Importance of the Right Injector 

Too often, people walk out of Botox treatments in Calgary feeling no different and don’t notice any changes. Why does that happen? 


In most cases, it’s because they didn’t get the right treatment plan that restores their facial features and delivers the results they want. It could also be incorrect injection techniques, inappropriate product selections or poor aftercare advice. This all stems from the injector. 


(Wondering how to handle botched botox? Read this!)


That’s why going to a qualified and certified professional who has received the required medical training to administer Botox treatments is crucial. You want someone that understands the importance of facial anatomy and symmetry and who can use your unique profile to deliver the life-changing results you want. You need someone like Juvea Aesthetics! 


At Juvea Aesthetics, we are redefining your natural beauty. At our medi spas in Calgary and Edmonton, we are focused and committed to highlighting your best features without compromising the integrity of your unique beauty. We believe in enhancing your natural look with premium medical aesthetics in Calgary, including Botox, dermal fillers, lip injections and belkyra. We also offer vitamin drips and therapy, mesotherapy and skincare consultations. Schedule your appointment at our Calgary medi spa by calling 403-975-7523.