Botox™, Dysport™, & Xeomin™

Redefining the Natural Beauty in You

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Enhance Your Natural Beauty
Botox™, Dysport™, & Xeomin™

Replenish your natural skin and halt the signs of aging with Botox™, Dysport™ and Xeomin™ treatments. Made with the highly purified protein clostridium botulinum, these neuromodulators block the nerve’s signals to weakening muscles, smoothing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Bring out your natural features with Dysport, Xeomin and Botox™ in Calgary

No Downtime

The recovery times for Botox™, Xeomin™ and Dysport™ in Calgary are minimal, allowing you to have more time for yourself.

Natural Looking

These great injectables don't take away your natural look but merely enhance it and bring forth your beautiful features.

Immediate Results

With our experienced and delicate touch, all you'll feel is a tiny pinch! Expect a simple, comfortable and calming treatment.

Are You a Candidate For Botox™ in Calgary?

Dysport™ and Botox™ Calgary are for those looking to reduce the signs of aging while enhancing their natural features. All our treatments are personalized to match your ethnicity, unique bone structure and your personal desires. We will educate you on the ideal treatments, refining your natural shape and facial features while making you look and feel younger.

Enhancing Features

Enriching Lives

Preparing For Neuromodulator Treatment


We will perform a thorough evaluation of your face, noting down proportions, balance and structure, and the number of doses based on your wrinkles and muscle strength. We will discuss and visualize your future beauty together.


Based on your specific goals, we will make recommendations that will best bring out your natural features while suggesting other possible treatments to enhance results, such as lip injections.


We will educate you on the treatment process of Dysport™ and Botox™ in Calgary, so you feel comfortable and relaxed. The injections only take approximately 10 minutes each.


Recovery time is minimal, and you should see results within the next few days and full effects in two weeks. Expect results to last for several months.

The treatment will begin with a topical anesthetic cream that numbs the treatment area before we inject the neuromodulator. The procedure is relatively pain-free.
It varies from patient to patient and depends on your individual needs. We will discuss how many injections you need during our initial consultation.

The terms are used interchangeably to describe injections as they both use the same medical ingredient – botulinum type A. There are some slight differences in terms of onset and effectiveness, which our professional will discuss with you. They are different from other injectables, including dermal fillers, which plump your features, and belkyra, known for its fat dissolve effects.

The side effects are usually mild and short-term and include discomfort, redness and possible bruising around the injection sites. If you notice other side effects, contact our medi spa immediately.

Pre-Treatment Care

Pre-Treatment Care

Please discontinue using anti-inflammatory, blood thinning and Retin-A medication for several days and do not consume alcohol, caffeine or smoke 24 to 48 hours before treatment. Please consult your primary physician to discuss other contrainidications.

Post-Treatment Care

Post-Treatment Care

Avoid lying down for four to six hours (this places unnecessary pressure on treated areas); do not exercise for 24 hours; avoid extensive sun and heat for 72 hours and other facial treatments for two to four weeks.