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Restore Your Natural Shape
Belkyra in Calgary

Reduce fat cells under your chin and contour your facial features with Belkyra™ in Calgary. Made with the natural substance deoxycholic acid, this non-surgical injectable destroys the membranes of fat cells, further preventing the storage and accumulation of more fat cells under your chin. At Juvea Aesthetics, we will customize your treatment so you get organic, beautiful results. 

Quick Treatment

The procedure usually takes 15 to 20 minutes, depending on the number of fat dissolving injections. You may need multiple sessions to obtain your desired outcome.

Dissolves Fat

Belkyra™ works fast and effectively, dissolving fat around the jawline, neck and under the chin, contouring and refining your facial features.


Compared to other methods of double chin fat reduction in Calgary, Belkyra™ is a non-surgical treatment that delivers natural results with minimal downtime.

Are You a Candidate For Belkyra?

Belkyra™ is more than a minimally invasive injectable that dissolves fat cells; its purpose is to bring forth and contour your unique facial features. Our educational approach is based on your profile and personal desires, as we consider your ethical beauty and facial structure for treatment. With us, you’ll experience Belkyra™ in Calgary designed only for you. 

Enhancing Features

Enriching Lives

What to Expect at Juvea Aesthetics


Transparency and honesty are values at Juvea. We'll ask you questions about your personal desires, evaluate your face, including balance and structure, before deciding together, what's the best for you.


During our consultation, we will offer recommendations based on your preferences and facial structure. You'll be fully aware and educated about your treatment plan, so you're feeling confident.


You'll feel comfortable and relaxed during treatment because our professionals will explain and educate you on the entire process. We believe that education is key to having a pleasant experience.


Belkyra™ contours facial features while eliminating any double-chin fat you might have. The process is slow but steady, taking a few weeks to be evident, but the results are permanent.

Yes, the results of Belkyra™ are permanent. As Belkyra™ destroys fat cells, they cannot be reproduced and therefore, no longer store fat. There is no maintenance or upkeep required either. Our professionals can provide you with more information on this amazing treatment.
It all depends on your personal goals and desires. During our consultation with our professionals, we’ll recommend how many injections and sessions you need to obtain your desired outcome.

Much like other medical aesthetic treatments, such as mesotherapy, the procedure is relatively painless. Our delicate touch, ultra-fine needles and topical numbing cream ensure you will have a comfortable experience with this amazing double chin fat reduction solution. 

You might experience some temporary side effects, such as mild tenderness, swelling and bruising at the treatment sites. These should subside quickly. We provide advice and guidance on how to manage them. If you experience any other symptoms, please contact our office or doctor immediately.

Pre-Treatment Care

Pre-Treatment Care

Similar to other injectables, such as dermal fillers, avoid alcohol, smoking, vitamins, caffeine, and discontinue anti-inflammatory and Retin-A medication two to three days before treatment. If you have a rash or blemish, please notify our team.

Post-Treatment Care

Post-Treatment Care

Please do not touch, press or rub the treatment area, and keep it iced for around 24 hours off and on. It is crucial not to lie, sleep or rest on your face; keep your head elevated. Avoid exercise and heat for 24-48 hours.