You’ve gone ahead and got lip injections. 

You’re hoping for plump, luscious lips, but instead, you’re noticing that results aren’t turning quite as you expected. 

Could something be wrong? 

Even though dermal fillers are used for lip injections (and with the main ingredient being hyaluronic acid – a natural substance found in the body, thereby reducing chances of allergic reactions), sometimes, poor injection techniques, incorrect product choice, or mismanaged aftercare can end in poor results. 

Therefore, it’s important to know the why and how, so you can take immediate action when it happens. 

Signs Your Lip Fillers Have “Gone Wrong” 

You should always remember that post-injection, you might experience some bruising, swelling and itchiness around the treatment area. That’s just part of the process that comes with injectables. 

The most important thing is to keep an eye on the signs where something is not quite right. Here are some that you should look out for – and how you can treat them! 

Uneven Lips: Do you have “duck lips”? Or is one side of your lips thicker than the other? Chances are you could be experiencing uneven lips, also known as “asymmetrical fullness”. This occurs when an uneven amount of lip filler is injected into the lips. 

To combat this problem, you’ll have to get more injections to balance out the uneven lips. 

Lumps & Bumps: Another side effect of poorly placed and uneven lip injections. Lips that are bumpy and lumpy, and that do not subside within 72 hours, might indicate a problem. 

Treating this condition requires a firm massage to even out the bumps (best let an expert do this) or utilizing hyaluronidase, an acid that breaks down the dermal fillers. 

An Infection: If you notice excessive redness, bleeding or pus, chances are you could have an infection. Even though they are rare (remember that lip injections include hyaluronic acid – a natural substance found in the body, thereby reducing the chances of allergic reactions), they can still happen. 

Your best bet is to visit your local physician and get antibiotics to stop the infection from getting worse and spreading. 


Overstretching of Lip Tissue: Regular users of lip fillers might experience a slight “dip” or “sag” in their lips if they constantly inflate their lips. The tissue of the lips might start to stretch over time.

To ensure this doesn’t happen, consult our experts and get a safe routine process in place before and after your lip injections. 

Necrosis: The worst of the worse. Poor injection techniques can result in the fillers blocking the blood vessel causing your lips to discolour, develop white spots, become cold to touch and blister. You’ll also experience severe pain that doesn’t subside and is outside the regular recovery period pain.

If you believe you have necrosis, call our medi spa in Calgary or Edmonton or your doctor immediately to get treatment. 

What Happens If My Lip Injections Go Wrong? 

If you believe your lip injections have gone south – take immediate action! Book an appointment at our medi spa, so we can help you reverse the effects. 

We also have a detailed guide on how we can repair any botched lips: “How To Fix Botched Lip Fillers”. Read it for more information.

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