Tailored Financing Options For You

When you come to Juvea Aesthetics for any cosmetic procedure, you have a wide selection of packages available that can help make payments easy. From extensive packages that will treat and mend a variety of skin conditions, such as persistent acne and psoriasis, to ones that induce general skin rejuvenation, you can obtain extensive and refreshing treatments in cost-saving bundles! Our customized packages can be tailored to your specific needs while also providing more intensive care at an affordable price! 

Learn more about our financing options and packages by contacting us today and take a look at our policies below before booking your scheduled appointment!

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Financing Made Simple at Juvea with Beautifi

Juvea Aesthetics has partnered with Beautifi, so industry-leading rates can be accessible to you by way of easy monthly instalments! With over a thousand Canadians utilizing the financing tool of Beautifi to make elective procedures more affordable, you can indulge in a more stress-free experience. Applying is secure and will not do anything to impact your credit score and it only takes less than three minutes to complete and submit an application. Your result will be displayed within 24-hours upon completing your application and you can repay your loan in instalments or all at once–with no pre-payment fee required! It takes three simple steps to apply as you can simply visit the website to submit your application online, get approved after receiving a call from Beautifi to confirm your financing details, and lastly, get ready ready for your procedure where Beautifi will pay us directly! 

The 3-Step Process of the Beautifi Application

Tailored Financing Options For You

Online and

When you apply for Beautifi financing, the entire application is online for your convenience!

No Pre-Payment

Part of the stress-free experience of using Beautifi for financing is that no pre-payment is required!

Monthly Installments

With Beautifi, you are afforded the choice to repay your loan all at once, or in affordable monthly installments!

No Money Down

Avoid having to spend money to get financing for your cosmetic procedure by turning to Beautifi!

Approval Decision

Once you apply for Beautifi financing, your result will be displayed within 24-hours!

Available in Financing

For financing purposes at Beautifi, there are over $25,000 available to finance a cosmetic procedure!


The Juvea Journey


A customized treatment and product journey for your unique skin needs.


We are eliminating the stress out of skincare and taking you through our tailored skin programs to help you reach your goals.

Simple, results-focused steps with a supportive team by your side


Apply online and get-prequalified in minutes! Beautifi can approve your loan and finance your procedure in less than 24hrs.

No! There is no risk or obligation when applying for a loan with Beautifi.


Your rate is based on monthly income and credit history, as well as the loan amount and term length. Rates start as low as 8.95%

Yes! You can repay part or all of your loan at any time, with absolutely no pre-payment penalty of fees.

You can choose to finance all or just a portion of your procedure within the package you select.