What is Sculptra in Calgary meant to do?

Losing collagen and elastin is a part of the aging process; as a result, new facial lines, wrinkles, and general loose skin will gradually emerge. Without renewed collagen and elastin, which contribute to a youthful appearance, you may notice that various body parts will begin to sag and droop. Although these signs of aging may seem inevitable, they can also be combatted through procedures like Sculptra. Sculptra is one of the most effective cosmetic procedures to renew your sagging skin and attain a newly voluminous appearance.

Before you eagerly make an appointment to receive Sculptra in Calgary, find out how this non-invasive procedure reverses signs of aging, its purpose, and its many benefits. 

What is Sculptra?

Sculptra was initially developed in 1999 as a dermal filler and was later approved by the FDA in 2004. This treatment has become a popular alternative to hyaluronic fillers, where the polylactic acid doesn’t fill in the areas that have lost volume but induces a natural build-up of the necessary elements in your body to achieve a more youthful appearance. 

Unlike other cosmetic fillers, Sculptra is long-lasting and will stimulate dormant collagen and elastin tissue that will smooth out wrinkles, tighten loose skin, and naturally rejuvenate your skin. 

What Sculptra does

Sculptra injections are a poly-L-lactic acid treatment that works with your body to restore collagen naturally and gradually for up to 25 months and, in turn, revives volume that may have been diminished due to age and other factors. The results from Sculptra injections include smoother skin, minimized folds and lines, and loose and sagging skin that can become newly tightened. The production of collagen will visibly ease signs of aging a few weeks after you receive your allotted amount of injections, which can be a total of two injections that can all occur within a 2-month timeframe. Of course, how many vials of Sculptra you get and the timeline of receiving them depends on what your health professional recommends. 

Areas it can enhance

Sculptra in Calgary can be injected in many areas that will effectively restore volume in places that have since become hollow and gaunt. Areas that Sculptra can improve in a multitude of ways include temples that have lost volume, the lower cheeks where jowls and pre-jowl depressions have developed, nasolabial folds, and marionette lines. Sculptra is a great treatment to treat the face from a global anti-aging approach.



Because there are various treatments you can receive to counter aging, it can be challenging to navigate what purpose treatments like Sculptra serve. To put it simply, Sculptra injections work to rejuvenate the collagen production that has ceased as a natural step of aging. This newly stimulated collagen and elastin, thanks to Sculptra injections, will naturally result in a youthful and more voluminous appearance for up to two years and has no downtime. 

Make sure to consult a healthcare professional and a cosmetic specialist before receiving Sculptra to ensure it is the right treatment for you and to determine how many injections you’ll require. 

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