Vitamin Therapy

Redefining the Natural Beauty in You

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Enjoy the Benefits of Natural Vitamins
Vitamin Shot in Calgary

Boost your brain and body while enhancing your natural beauty with a vitamin shot in Calgary. A safe and effective way to deliver nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins into your bloodstream, IV therapy instantly absorbs 100% of these nutritional supplements. At Juvea Aesthetics, we offer various shots, so you get the boost you want.

Boost Immunity

Give your body an immunity boost and protect yourself from colds and viruses. You will feel recharged, more energetic and reduce the chances of getting sick.

Slow Aging

Vitamin shots can cleanse your vital organs while preventing the effects of aging. You will feel more youthful, while looking younger than ever before.

Brighten Skin

You can bring your skin back to life with specific vitamin shots. These shots produce collagen, giving you healthy, softer and brighter looking skin.

Look Beautiful, Feel Beautiful With Vitamin Shots

Not only do we help you define your natural features – we want you to feel great too! That’s why we approach our IV vitamin therapy in Calgary with your specific goals in mind. From enjoying softer and brighter skin to boosting immunity and energy levels, your personal needs are at the centre of our vitamin shots treatment.  

Are You a Candidate?

Enhancing Features

Enriching Lives

What to Expect at Juvea Aesthetics


You’re the centre of our treatment; we’ll openly discuss your goals, answer your questions and assess your body, ethnic and skin, so you'll be well aware of your options.


Whether you need a boost for your body or brain, or wish to enhance your natural beauty, we’ll recommend the ideal vitamin shots based on your general well-being, health and goals.


We’ll alleviate your concerns while explaining in full detail our treatment process and steps. We’ll advise on what to do and how to do it, so you feel comfortable throughout the whole experience.


Due to the vitamins and nutrients entering your bloodstream directly, you’ll instantly feel the effects. The longevity will last depending on the shot you take.

Please note that vitamin shots are ONLY an add-on treatment for clients who receive other services by Juvea Aesthetics.

Yes, you can! Vitamin shots do not interfere with any treatments, be it mesotherapy or facials or diets. You can take it when you need it the most.

We offer four types of vitamin shots, including Lipotropic Cocktail injections (fat loss treatment), Glow Shot, Immunity Shot and Vitamin B Complex. Depending on the results you want, some injections are intramuscular (deep tissue so it reaches the bloodstream quicker) and some are subcutaneous (meaning injected in the fatty tissue). Our professionals will explain the process in greater depth during our consultation.

You can do them biweekly or once a month. It all depends on the recommendations of our professionals, based on your general well-being, health and goals. For example, our vitamin complex shot is amazing for muscle recovery, so for those who do strength training, it’s great after a tough training session. 

A rare side effect is a redness or itchiness at the injection site. Otherwise, nothing as they are normal compounds found in the body.

Pre-Treatment Care

Pre-Treatment Care

We will discuss your health and medical history before preparing you for treatment. Our professionals will prep the injection area, usually the arm or tummy area, by wiping it down with an alcohol prep pad or chlorhexidine.

Post-Treatment Care

Post-Treatment Care

It's best to avoid touching the treatment for 48 hours, as well as avoiding alcohol or smoking. The best advice: take it each day at a time. You can get injections weekly to monthly, depending on recommendations from our professionals.